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Family Doctor Mental Health

How We Help with Minority Mental Health at Clear View Behavioral Health

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Currently, minorities experience more mental health problems all while having less access...

Minority Mental Health Awareness

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month July The month of July is dedicated to achieving equal access and quality for...

Break Mental Health Stigmas

How to Break Mental Health Stigmas for Awareness Month

Break Mental Health Stigmas. Do you happen to know someone personally who has been experiencing or has experienced a...

mental health safety

Behavioral Health That Affects Safety

Mental Health Safety Mental and behavioral health issues come in a wide variety of colors and degrees. Two diagnoses...

SUICIDE PREVENTION clear-view-mental-health

Suicide Prevention: Steps and Awareness

Suicide Prevention Suicide prevention in the modern world comes with a set of new challenges. We live in a...

Patient Pickup

What Can Partial Hospitalization Do For Me?

Mental and behavioral health issues can come in all shapes and sizes, from very minor but noticeable fluctuations, to...


What Exactly Are Inpatient Programs for Adolescents?

Adolescents that suffer from mental health problems or behavioral health issues, are generally categorized as those from the ages...


Strong Mental Health Activities

Strong Mental Health Activities Strong Mental Health Activities are Consider the amount of energy that we put into making...

Champagne Holiday Alcohol Drink Evening Vechernika

Avoid Heavy Drinking Over The Holidays

The holidays are that one time of year where nearly every bit of self-control that we usually possess tends...

Clear View Behavioral Health

Outpatient Programs at Clear View

Clear View’s Outpatient Programs (which includes both Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Program) addresses the needs of both adults or adolescents with...

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