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Opiate Use

Opiate usage is an epidemic that has been sweeping the country at an alarming rate. They are very powerful drugs and are extremely addictive in their nature; the withdrawal symptoms are generally what keep people on the path of opiates and their abuse.

The deeper issues of opiate abuse are that eventually the users feel no pain, since opioids act as a signal blocker, by attaching itself to certain proteins in the body called opioid receptors. Once they are attached to these receptors located throughout the body such as the spinal cord, brain and other regions, they work by eliminating the perceptions of pain.

That being said, it is extremely difficult to overcome an opioid addiction by one’s own power, or without the means necessary for a complete recovery.

This is where Clear View Behavioral Health can make a difference, and help to eliminate withdrawal symptoms through detoxification and other methods designed to help eliminate reliance and addiction to opioids.

Opiate use can be from:

– Morphine
– Codeine
– Thebaine
– Heroin
– Hydrocodone
– Oxycodone
– Oxymorphone
– Hydromorphone
– And other different forms

However, to be admitted to our detoxification program, there are certain standards to qualify.


Admission Information for Clear View Chemical Dependency Unit

Substances that are appropriate for Clear View Chemical Dependency Unit include: alcohol; opiates; and benzodiazepines.  Patients may be positive for secondary substances including methamphetamines, cocaine, PCP, marijuana, etc., but primary substance must be alcohol, opiates, or benzodiazepines.    Voluntary status admission is required for the CD Unit.  A patient must be sober and/or no impaired at the time of decision making.  A patient must be deemed competent to make decision for voluntary admission into the hospital.

Patients currently on a mental health hold may be admitted onto one of the other appropriate psychiatric units and then determine if appropriate for the chemical dependency unit once able to make decision for voluntary status.

Standard admission labs include: CBC, CMP, TSH, urine analysis, and drugs of abuse. If medical workup reveals positive blood alcohol level, Clear View requires less than .05 alcohol level prior to admission.  Clear View will accept a breath analysis as evidence of negative alcohol level for repeat levels.

Detox risk profile considerations include: increased age; high medical comorbidity; high psychiatric comorbidity; polysubstance abuse; and positive history of complicated detox.  These are not exclusionary items, rather a framework to conceptualize the entire case.  For example, someone who is older with medical and psychiatric complications and a history of complicated detox may be determined inappropriate for this level of care and requires admission into the medical hospital, whereas someone older with no medical issues, but has a history of complicated withdrawal may be determined as appropriate for admission.

Dr. Clark McCoy will be the accepting physician for the chemical dependency unit. Additional information required for chemical dependency admissions, and to be shared with Dr. McCoy, include: CIWA score and/ or COWS score, current substance use including last use of substance, typical withdrawal symptoms including history of seizures, delirium tremens, and blackouts.

Exclusionary criteria for the CD Unit includes: medically unstable patients, involuntary status, patients not currently or at risk of withdrawal, people in crises and unmotivated for change.

Estimated length of stay is between 5 to 14 days.

For patients who are currently taking Suboxone, insurance must be preauthorized in order for the patient to be able to remain on the medication.


Chemical Dependency Program

Clear View is a 92-bed hospital focusing on the needs of adults with acute psychiatric disorders, chemical dependency and withdrawal management needs.  The Chemical Dependency program is focused on providing exceptional treatment and support through an inter-disciplinary team approach within a comfortable environment. Clear View is licensed by the State of Colorado. Clear View accepts most major insurances.


18+ years or older, male and female
ASAM Level 4 Criteria (Clear View will evaluate)
Admission Labs: CBC, CMP, TSH, Urine Analysis
Drugs of Abuse
Motivated, voluntary patient
A patient who is able to make a decision for treatment


Individual, group and family therapy
Medication Assisted Detoxification
Treatment planning
Nursing and medical services (non-acute)
Family and caregiver education
Psycho-Educational Program
Recreational therapy
Licensed staff members


Behavioral/medical education
Medication Management
Establish healthly habits/nutritional education
Maintain personal independence
Preventive action steps
Improve physical well-being
Behavioral modifications


Average length of stay is 5-14 days


Next step: Please contact Clear View at 970-461-5061 or visit to contact us via email.  All referrals will be evaluated and assessed.


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